Drantakh Units in LaserGrenadiers

The article attached below provides the factors I assigned to use Badger Game’s Drantakh infantry in LaserGrenadiers. The article gives the weapons I assigned and the characteristics I chose for armor class, movement and morale for three units: an infantry squad, a heavy machinegun section and a light mortar section.

Drantakh Units


Drantakhs are back . . .and Badger Games has ’em

The file below reports on the re-release and expansion by Badger Games of the Drantakh sci-fi troopers originally produced by Regiment Games.

The original eight “Light Troopers” have been expanded to 12 infantry and 8 command figures, supported by antitank launchers, flamethrowers, heavy lasers, heavy machineguns, mortars, spotters, communication specialists and medics. This is an exciting development for fans of these figures, and much more is apparently in the pipeline.

Drantakhs from Badger Games

Rule additions and changes

I made a substantial change to the rules for Scanners in Rule 11. Detection. The old scanning process for field scanners was considered too cumbersome and took too much time. Instead of scanning three contiguous 12-inch square areas at short, medium and long ranges, a player now scans one 12-inch round area at the range he chooses.

11. Detection

Table 17. Specialized Systems: Vehicle has been re-titled to drop the reference to vehicles since systems such as scanners and detection systems can also be utilized by infantry and other troops.

Table 17. Specialized Systems

I added a table for Indirect Fire Hit Locations. With tables for both the hit locations of misses and hit locations of bomb misses, it was easy to forget to refer to the rules for the indirect fire procedure. In addition, all of these processes used similar targeting stars. The new table is numbered to be inserted right after the table for the hit locations of bomb misses.

Table 29d. Indirect Fire Hit Locations

I added a Supplement for a new weapon system – this is a table for Plasma Bombards. These weapons are similar to howitzers, but were developed specifically to fire plasma warheads. Seeing some of the new support weapon miniatures being released, I thought it would be good to add an indirect fire weapon system that fired energy warheads. (I decided to release this as a supplement rather than revising all of the other rules that would have been affected. The table should probably be inserted with the other indirect fire artillery tables.)

Supp. 1. Plasma Bombards

After Action Report: LaserGrenadiers at CMON Expo

Miniature Building Authority hosted a LaserGrenadiers game at CMON Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, on Saturday afternoon and provided a spectacular layout for a sci-fi shootout on a backwater planet. The attached file reports on the scenario, opposing forces and the course of the battle in the city of Banipal.

LaserGrenadiers at CMON Expo

Works in Progress 2

The file below contains pictures and text describing some additional kitbashed models for LaserGrenadiers. Not all of the models I use in LaserGrenadiers are a huge departure from the originals, but it is a lot of fun to make them unique.

Works in Progress 2