After Action Report: LaserGrenadiers at CMON Expo

Miniature Building Authority hosted a LaserGrenadiers game at CMON Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, on Saturday afternoon and provided a spectacular layout for a sci-fi shootout on a backwater planet. The attached file reports on the scenario, opposing forces and the course of the battle in the city of Banipal.

LaserGrenadiers at CMON Expo

Works in Progress 2

The file below contains pictures and text describing some additional kitbashed models for LaserGrenadiers. Not all of the models I use in LaserGrenadiers are a huge departure from the originals, but it is a lot of fun to make them unique.

Works in Progress 2

Recent Changes

Here are some recent changes and additions:

Rule 24. Electronic Countermeasures has been completely revised to improve the flow and clarity. (A relevant notation was added to Rule 33. Costs.)

A table for Alien Movement Rates has been added to the file for Rule 10. Movement.

The Table of Contents files and the Index have been updated to reflect these changes.

Corrected errors in the table for Hit Locations of Bomb Misses.

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Welcome to LaserGrenadiers!

If you are just tuning in you may find the presentation a bit confusing. I started placing the rules on this blog in late 2014, one chapter at a time, starting at the beginning of the rules and working my way through all of the rules to the tables. When I was done, I added the table of contents and the index. Then I added some galleries to finally show some of the models being used in my games.

So, when you come to this blog you are approaching the LaserGrenadiers rules from the rear and you need to go back to the earliest entries to review the rules in their correct order. When I get all of the files transferred to my website I will be able to rectify all of this. In the meantime, I hope you find the rules intriguing and see the possibilities in them.

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Factory scene 1